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Adox Adostab II Wetting Agent with Image Stabiliser 500ml

Adox Adostab II Wetting Agent with Ima
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Adox Adostab II allows films and paper to dry without marking but in addition it provides archival protection for silver images from colour changes caused by UV light and environmental pollution. In this respect it acts like a selenium toner but without any colour shift.

More Information

  • Uses the same active ingredients as Agfa Sistan, but in revised proportions to achieve better archival performance.

  • Colour changes in the negative or paper appear as reddish to yellowish-brown highlight discolorations and the complete negative may be destroyed eventually by the silver being converted to a colloidal form. Causes may be industrial, traffic. paint and oil fumes, or substances with an acid content.

  • Adostab is an alternative to selenium toner for printers who want added archival protection without altering the image tone of the print. A slight increase in density may occur. Adostab can also be used alongside Selenium toner for additional protection

  • Use at the end of the developing process just like wetting agent. It is not necessary to rinse afterwards. Just dry the print and you're done. There is no need to wash the print or film after use.

  • Dilution: 1+19. Sufficient for 350 films or 20 sq/m paper.