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Sekonic L-858D Light Meter

Sekonic L-858D Light Meter
  • Sekonic L-858D Light Meter
  • Sekonic L-858D Light Meter
  • Sekonic L-858D Light Meter
  • Sekonic L-858D Light Meter
  • Code: SE858
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    The Sekonic Speedmaster L-858D offers sophisticated light measurement and control for both photographers and filmmakers. Its cutting-edge technology includes a 2.7” colour touch screen controller, extremely wide range of ISO settings, shutter and apertures and custom settings, and built-in 1° spotmeter. It’s the first meter of its kind capable of measuring flash duration, and can also achieve an accurate ambient exposure reading in dimly lit scenes as low as 0.1 lux, matching the high ISO capabilities of today’s cameras.

    More Information

    • Measures flash duration. Go beyond the top shutter speed of your camera and accurately set exposure based on the action-stopping capabilities of flash.

    • With high ISO settings now common in today’s cameras, the increased sensitivity of the L-858D allows metering in candlelight or night time, measuring illuminance as low as 0.1 lux.

    • The L-858D is the first meter capable of measuring the stroboscopic pulses from flash heads used for High Speed Sync. This enables accurate planning of shots where you want to achieve a shallow depth of field, or overpower the sun.

    • Measures ambient and flash simultaneously and automatically indicates the percentage of flash in the total exposure. The ambient flash mix is simply adjusted by turning the Jog Wheel. The digital display indicates the camera settings and an analogue display shows the relationship between ambient and flash and the total exposure.

    • In conjunction with the Sekonic Exposure Profile Target and Transfer software, accurate measurement of a camera’s dynamic range is possible. Test shots are computed to create a unique profile of the camera which is then saved in the meter’s memory. Several profiles can be stored for immediate recall.

    • The 1° spot meter has a reading range from EV 1 to EV 24.4 for ambient light and measures flash down to f/2.0. Its large, bright viewfinder has dioptric correction and a full-information data display.

    • Extremely wide shutter speed ranges: between 30 min. to 1/64,000s for ambient, and 30 min. to 1/16,000s for flash. Full specification for cine and video use e.g. ISO 850 for cinema cameras and 1 to 1000 fps or shutter angles of 1 to 358 degrees, plus 20 custom settings.

    • Built-in filter factor compensation of up to 12EV – ideal when using dense ND filters. Save up to 30 regularly used settings.

    • 2.7” colour dot-matrix touch screen with crisp legible readout in all light conditions.

    • Dust- and splash-proof casing (JIS Standard Water Resistance Class 4, Splash-Proof Type) ensures reliability in just about any location.

    • Officially UK imported stock with 2 year guarantee


    • Spot metering::  1° built-in
    • EV range::  Incident: -5 - 22.9
      Reflected: -1 - 24.4
    • Shutter speeds - ambient::  30m to 1/64,000s
      1, 1/2 and 1/3 steps
    • Shutter speeds - flash::  30m to 1/16,000s
      1, 1/2 and 1/3 steps
    • Aperture range - ambient::  f0.5 to 161.2 in 1/10th stop increments
    • Aperture range - flash::  f0.5 to 161.2 in 1/3rd stop increments
    • ISO range::  3 to 13,107,200 in 1/3 SV
    • Cine speeds::  Every one - plus 20 customisable speeds and shutter angles
    • Memory::  9 values in incident and spot
    • Averaging::  Yes
    • Contrast measurement::  Yes(+/-9.9EV in 1/10 step)
    • Power source::  2 x AA or USB bus power
    • Dimensions::  93.9W x 176.3H x 49.4D mm
    • Weight::  300g
    • Strap::  Yes
    • Case::  Yes