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Jobo Lab Kit M (inc Tetenal chemicals)

Jobo Lab Kit M inc Tetenal chemicals
Code: JB1500M
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The Jobo Lab Kit (Medium) has everything needed to develop either 35mm or 120 roll films - including the chemicals. It features the high quality modular 1520 developing tank with two reels to allow 2 x 35mm and up to 4 x 120 films to be processed at the same time. The tank can be expanded at a later time to increase capacity if required. Supplied with Tetenal chemistry worth over £40

More Information

  • Two 1501 reels can be fitted inside the 1520 tank. This allows two 35 mm films can be developed at the same time and when adjusted to 6cm width, each 1501 reel can hold two 120 films, with the red clip separating them on the reel.

  • The included graduates allow precise measurement of chemistry/ liquids and there are two scaled 600ml bottles included ensure airtight storage of developer and fixer.

  • The Cascade Film Washer enables economical and efficient rinsing, halving typical washing times to 5 minutes.

  • Also includes an accurate thermometer and film clips for drying the film without it curling.

  • Hardware components:
    1 x JOBO 1-reel Tank 1520 (including 2 x 1501 reels)
    2 x Scaled JOBO bottles (600 ml)
    1 x JOBO Graduate (260ml)
    1 x JOBO Graduate (20ml)
    2 x Set of JOBO Film Clips
    1 x JOBO Colour Thermometer
    1 x Cascade Washer

  • Chemistry included:
    1 x TETENAL Paranol S developer 250ml
    1 x TETENAL Superfix Plus Fixer 250ml
    1 x TETENAL Indicet Stop Bath 1 litre
    1 x TETENAL Mirasol Wetting Solution 250ml