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Jobo CPE-3 Colour Processor with Lift

Jobo CPE-3 Colour Processor with Lift
  • Jobo CPE-3 Colour Processor with Lift
  • Jobo CPE-3 Colour Processor with Lift
  • Code: JB4059
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    INCLUDES FREE ACCESSORIES WORTH OVER £70 The CPE-3 is a rotary processor for films or prints up to 12x16", whether black and white or colour process. Made in Germany, it's based on the tried and tested design of the CPE2+, and features a stronger motor and improved electronic control boards, more robust housing and a new style lift. It uses 1500 or 2500 series drums, and is designed for use with 600ml chemistry - 4 bottles are included. The CPE-3 enables accurate temperature control, swift and accurate filling and emptying of chemicals, and consistent results from the rotary developing action.

    More Information

      JOBO tank 1540 - retail value £70 - to give four tank options: 1510, 1520, 1530 and 1540
      JOBO notebook and pen
      JOBO 'dev tank' water bottle

    • The CPE-3 will process all b/w or colour 35mm, 120 and 4x5" sheet films, and prints up to 12x16" size.

    • Chemistry is kept at a constant temperature in a thermostatically controlled water jacket. Temperature can be set between 20° and 40° and control is accurate to 0.1°C. Use of an accurate thermometer such as the Jobo 3321 as a check is recommended.

    • Can be used with all 1500 and 2500 tanks (note that Expert series tanks can only be used with the larger CPA/CPP processors).

    • The package includes:
      CPE-3 processor
      4 x 600ml bottles
      4 x 250ml graduates
      1 x 1520 tank with 1 x 1501 reel

    • With a suitable tank the CPE-3 can process:
      5 x 35mm films
      6 x 120 films
      12 x 4x5" sheet films
      2 x 8x10" or 1 x larger paper up to 12x16" (30x40cm)

    • Dimensions: 25.5H x 65.5L x 33D cm. Weight empty: 3kg

    • Please enquire regarding delivery time