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Speed Graphic Basic 35mm Film Digitising Kit

Speed Graphic Basic 35mm Film Digitising
  • Speed Graphic Basic 35mm Film Digitising
  • Speed Graphic Basic 35mm Film Digitising
  • Speed Graphic Basic 35mm Film Digitising
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    Scan unmounted 35mm negs or positives quickly and easily in conjunction with your DSLR or mirrorless and macro lens or a smartphone with close focusing ability. The CS-500 stand is adjustable in height, and the baseboard is also large enough for copying A4 originals. The A5 light panel has adjustable brightness and a 5600K daylight balanced output. Negative Supply's Basic 35mm Film Carrier allows a full uncut film to be quickly passed through and scanned whilst maintaining perfect film flatness.

    More Information

    • Film Carrier
      Enables a 36-shot roll of film to be scanned in around 2 minutes. 4- or 6-shot strips can also be used.

    • Light Panel
      Provides a bright, daylight balanced and diffused light area of 207x145mm. A piece of card to blank the area around the Film Holder can help to reduce any unwanted light falling on the negative. USB AC adapter included.

    • Stand
      Robustly made and easily dismantled. Baseboard size 45x30cm. It has a 3-section telescopic centre column with a maximum height of 50cm, and a quick release 1/4" camera mount. Most phone clamps will attach to the screw.

    Kit Items

    This product contains the following items..

    A5 LED Light Panel
    1 x A5 LED Light Panel
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