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CineStill Df96 Monobath Powder 1 litre

CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • CineStill DF96 Monobath Powder
  • Code: CLDF96P
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    If you're new to film developing, or just want a quick and easy way to do it without worrying about too much development, agitation or forgetting to fix, CineStill Df96 could be just what you need. The monobath solution quickly develops the film and then is overtaken by the incorporated fixer, to produce archivally permanent negatives in 3-6 minutes. You just need to ensure that you are maintaining the correct temperature. Powder to make 1 litre solution which will process up to 16 films.

    More Information

    • Df96 uses a modern and effective processing technology which buffers fixing, incorporating archival fixing agents which are more solvent and which break down the silver and redeposit it, to achieve crisp uniform grain and wide development latitude.

    • Df96 will produce fully archival negatives in 3-6 min, with proper care. Extending processing time to ensure full removal (fixing) of undeveloped silver halide will not affect development. Only 5 minutes washing time after processing is required because the solution is alkaline.

    • Any standard developing tank can be used. 1L of reusable solution will develop 16+ rolls of film. Simply pour the used chemistry back into the bottle and add 15 seconds for each roll previously processed until you reach 8 minutes developing time. Depending on silver content of film types, you should be able to continue reusing until you reach an unacceptable processing time or the chemicals turn to silver sludge.

    • Works with any black and white film, and is designed for traditional cubic-grain emulsions with high silver content, like BwXX and Tri-X. Tabular grain, high speed and specialist films will require different processing and ISO rating – refer to the data sheet under Other Information.

    • Native ISO development:
      27°C for at least 3min : constant agitation
      24°C for at least 4min. : intermittent agitation
      21°C for at least 6min. : minimal agitation
      *Below 20°C renders pulled contrast negatives
      Temperature tolerance +/- 1°C

    Other Information