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Adox CHS 100 II 4x5" 25 sheets

Adox CHS 100 II 4x5 25 sheets
Code: ADCHS24525
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CHS 100 II 5x4" (25 sheets) is an orthopanchromatic ISO100 black and white sheet film with reduced red sensitivity and a sensitivity gap in the blue/green area. These characteristics combine to create a film which renders skies with better cloud contrast as well as balanced skin tones. Two emulsions are coated on a PET base which has two anti-halation layers to improve sharpness. Overall, it's designed to give a classic 1960's film look to photographs. 4x5" 25 sheets.

More Information

  • CHS 100 II produces delicate, soft, airy images with open shadows, creamy highlights and a smooth tonal transition.

  • Made from two emulsions coated in a single layer on an archival clear PET 100 micron base, which results in very large exposure latitude. CHS 100 II responds very well to push-processing.

  • CHS 100 II sharpness and contrast can be managed with various developers: a classic look in standard developers, balanced contrast and optimal sharpness in FX-39 and elevated contrast with extra high definition in Adonal/Rodinal. Tanning developers are not recommended.


  • Ebay_Shop_Cat_No:  4201
  • Ebay_FilmFormat:  4x5 in
  • Ebay_FilmSpeed:  100 ISO

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