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Ilford Ortho Plus 120 Roll Film

Ilford Ortho Plus 120 Roll Film
Code: ILOP120
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Ortho+ is an orthochromatic black and white 120 roll film with an ISO rating of 80 for daylight or 40 for use under tungsten light sources. Originally designed as a high-resolution copy film for negatives, its fine grain and sharpness offer great potential for pictorial photography. It gives a particular rendering of greens and blues in landscape photography, and its lack of red sensitivity also means that reds and oranges are much darker with stronger contrast than with standard panchromatic films. Single roll of 120 format film.

More Information

  • Orthochromatic (meaning ‘correct colours’) was the standard black and white film from the late 19th century until the 1950s, when it was supplanted by panchromatic emulsions. It is sensitive to outdoor (blue) light, but not to the red end of the spectrum, so orange to red colours are rendered much darker. This was the reason early movie stars had to wear face lightening make-up, to keep skin tones looking normal.

  • The lack of red sensitivity also means that it can be handled and processed under a deep red safelight.


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