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Visible Dust EZ Dual Power Cleaning Kit 1.0x

Visible Dust EZ Dual Power Cleaning Ki
Code: VDEZD10
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Remaining stock only The EZ Dual Power Cleaning Kit 1.0x is a quick wet clean cure for a one-off full-size DLSR sensor problem, sensor problem, and includes two types of cleaning liquid to cope with different types of stain. The ultra-thin microfibre sensor swabs have a V-shape paddle design with mini-channels which provide an even saturation of the paddle's surface, whilst preventing pooling and vertical flow at the edge. This reduces the streaks associated with traditional flat surface paddles. The mini-channels also provide an extra reservoir to absorb excessive liquid and retain moisture for the whole of the cleaning process. Includes 5 V-Swabs, VDust Plus and Sensor Clean.

More Information

  • Most current sensor technology utilizes water repellent hydrophobic coating to reduce stain marks. Vdust Plus is an alcohol based fast evaporating cleaning solution ideal for removal water stains, and is compatible with hydrophobic sensor coating.

  • However, alcohol is not so good at cleaning most common type of stains such as saliva and organic materials. Use Sensor Clean in these instances - it's powerful enough to remove organic and saliva stains but is water based.

  • Since simple visual inspection can't determine the nature of a stain, light or heavy, first start with either liquid, and if the stain is removed, stop. Otherwise switch liquid, use a new swab and proceed with cleaning. Do not add two liquids on the same swab; use each liquid with separate swab; and always swab in the same direction.