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Cactus V6 II Wireless Flash Transceiver

Cactus V6 II Wireless Flash Transceiver
  • Cactus V6 II Wireless Flash Transceiver
  • Cactus V6 II Wireless Flash Transceiver
  • Cactus V6 II Wireless Flash Transceiver
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    The latest version of the bestselling Cactus wireless trigger supports X-TTL cross-brand high-speed sync (HSS) and can control power output and zoom angle of Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax system flashes in any combination.

    More Information

    • One V6 II Transceiver attaches to the camera hotshoe and a second is required to fit under the receiving flash (unless the flash is Cactus RF60, which has a receiver built in).

    • Two High-Speed Sync Modes
      Normal HSS: supports shutter speeds up to 1/8000s.
      Power Sync: Boosts flash contribution above camera’s x-sync speed, perfect for extreme conditions where Normal HSS is not powerful enough.
      n.b also provides HSS capabilities for Fujifilm cameras which at present do not offer this facility.

    • Rapid auto-detection of which system each flashgun belongs to and assigning an Auto flash profile. Will now work with previously unsupported digital-only TTL flash models. Similarly, the V6 II will auto-detect the camera and selects the appropriate system.

    • Manual selection from over 60 pre-installed profiles is still possible, covering models from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Metz, Nissin, etc. Each flashgun's power level can be adjusted using the Cactus Profile Editor, a computer-installed software that allows the saving of up to 10 personalized flash profiles.

    • Automatic LED AF-assist light makes autofocusing in dark environments possible, even in pitch black! This works with either on-camera or remote V6 II units.

    • Different power guns can be used in each group, as Cactus benchmarks the GN of each one and ensures that each emits the same amount of light.

    • Remote control of flashguns equipped with power zooms is now possible,

    • Allows multiple photographers to trigger off-camera flashes at the same time. Useful for wedding and events, or photography workshops.