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Fotospeed Cyanotype Process Kit

Fotospeed Cyanotype Process Kit
  • Fotospeed Cyanotype Process Kit
  • Fotospeed Cyanotype Process Kit
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    Cyanotype printing dates from 1842 and is also known as the 'blue print process'. Images are contact printed on coated paper and exposed by UV or sunlight to give a characteristic high contrast Prussian Blue image. This kit includes all the items needed to create a blueprint image in a suitable workspace.

    More Information

    • Another invention of the Victorian photographic pioneer, Sir John Herschel, the Fotospeed Cyanotype process uses an updated solution of Ammonium Ferric Oxalate which is twice as sensitive to UV light as the traditional version, giving a good blue which does not wash out.

    • The cyanotype process was still in use in the 20th century as a method for copying drawings (hence 'blueprints'), where lines are reproduced as white against a blue background.

    • Placing the negative under a sheet of glass (which will give a sharper image) a contact print is made under UV or sunlight. The image will appear on the paper. Image oxidation is then speeded by immersion in running water. Contrast can be controlled by using a citric acid solution (not included). When the green stain has washed away, remove the paper. Do not leave washing for too long as the image will be eroded.

    • As very few users will have a large format camera, or stock of antique glass negatives to print from, the kit also includes 5 sheets of Digital Contact Film, so you can take any digital image, resize it and print a negative to work from on any inkjet printer.

    • The Fotospeed kit includes:
      50ml of sensitising solution (enough for 60 8x10 prints)
      5 sheets of high quality 8x10" acid free Fabriano paper
      5 sheets 8x10" Fotospeed Digital Contact film
      140gms hypo crystals
      Measuring cup
      Syringe for applying small doses of the solution to the paper
      Protective gloves & instructions

    • All the materials and equipment contained in the kit are available separately.


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