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Fotospeed Argyrotype Process Kit

Fotospeed Argyrotype Process Kit
  • Fotospeed Argyrotype Process Kit
  • Fotospeed Argyrotype Process Kit
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    Argyrotype is a photographic process where paper is exposed by ultra violet or sun light using a contact negative, to produce a durable continuous tone brown image on any type of art paper. This kit gives you all the materials required to make an image in a suitable workspace.

    More Information

    • Sir John Herschel devised the first iron-silver printing process in 1842, which he called Argentotype. The brown hue is typical of these early prints. Later developments created the deep blacks of today, but the use of silver nitrate remains a constant.

    • The problem inherent in all these processes is residual iron particles remaining in the print which react with the silver to degrade the image. Alternative process specialist Mike Ware (mikeware.co.uk) adapted the Argentotype process using an alternative silver salt, Silver Sulphamate, which washes out of the paper cleanly, and called this revised process Argyrotype.

    • Use a high quality cotton rag watercolour paper to get the best results with this process. The paper is coated with sensitiser solution using a glass rod, dried, and should be used within a couple of hours. During the lengthy exposure the image will develop orange-brown on a yellow background, and will darken to a richer brown after wet processing in water and fixer.

    • As very few users will have a large format camera, or stock of antique glass negatives to print from, the kit also includes 5 sheets of Digital Contact Film, so you can take any digital image, resize it and print a negative to work from on any inkjet printer.

    • The Fotospeed kit includes:
      50ml of sensitising solution (enough for 60 8x10 prints)
      5 sheets of high quality 8x10" acid free Fabriano paper
      5 sheets 8x10" Fotospeed Digital Contact film
      140gms hypo crystals
      Measuring cup
      Syringe for applying small doses of the solution to the paper
      Protective gloves & instructions

    • All the materials and equipment contained in the kit are available separately.


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