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Lee 100mm Deluxe Kit

Lee 100mm Deluxe Kit
  • Lee 100mm Deluxe Kit
  • Lee 100mm Deluxe Kit
  • Code: LEDLK
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    The Lee Deluxe Kit is a carefully chosen selection of five most useful filters, and offers a simple way into the Lee 100mm system. It contains three neutral density graduates, a 10 stop Big Stopper solId ND filter, the slimline Landscape Polariser which can be used with wide angle lenses, and a filter holder. The only extra item required is a suitable adapter ring to mount it on the lens.

    More Information

    • Kit contents:

    • Filter Holder with two filter slots plus front Accessory Ring which takes the 105mm Landscape Polariser. The holder can be adapted to take more or fewer filters with optional extra slots and screw sets.

    • Landscape Polariser, which not only polarises the scene, but also adds a subtle warm tone to the image. The slim mount ring enables it be used on lenses as wide as 16/17mm on a full-frame camera without vignetting, even with two further filters in the holder.

    • Big Stopper, which reduces the exposure by ten stops, allowing either use of wider apertures in bright conditions, or to slow down shutter speeds so that seas and skies take on an ethereal quality.

    • 1.2 Neutral Density Medium 4 stop graduated filter, ideal for shooting directly into the sun at the beginning and end of the day, when there is a big disparity between the exposure values of the sky and the foreground. The 1.2 ND Grad ensures the sensor records detail in both areas.

    • 0.9 Neutral Density Hard 3 stop graduated filter, which is a very versatile tool for both holding back skies and balancing difderent areas of the picture. Indispensable for landscape and city scpae photographers.

    • 0.6 Neutral Density Medium 2 stop graduated filter. The new medium graduation is the perfect all-round filter for both full frame and APS-C sensor sizes, and is already a firm favourite with many photographers.

    • Adapter rings are not included