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Film & Print Chemistry Developing Bundle

Speed Graphic Film & Print Developing%
Code: SPDEV2
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Film and print developers, stop bath, fixer and wetting agent. All you need to get going with black and white film and print developing, saving 5% on our usual prices. Enough for several films and plenty of prints, and our recommended best value option. All liquid chemistry is the easiest to manage for beginners as well.

More Information

  • Fotospeed FD10 Developer
    A 'one-shot' developer (i.e. you just use it once). Mix a small quantity with water and discard at end of the development time. Liquid developers are the easiest and most consistent type to use, and FD10 will give fine grain and sharp results with all ISO100-400 films. Depending on the dilution used, enough for 8-12 35mm films.

  • Fotospeed PD5 Print Developer
    Dilutes with 9 parts of water and is suitable for use with resin-coated or fibre-base papers.

  • Ilfostop Stop Bath
    Use after the developer to immediately stop its action. Also prevents contamination of the fixer with the developer. Can be reused until it starts to turn purple, when it’s exhausted.

  • Fotospeed FX30 Odourless Fixer
    1 litre dilutes to make 5 or 10 litres of working solution, which can be reused. So that's enough for lots of film and plenty of paper. Fixer odour can put off some people, so FX30 makes a more pleasant alternative to some other makes.

  • Fotospeed RA50 Rinse Aid
    Just a drop is required in water to give the film a final rinse. This reduces the likelihood of drying marks appearing on the film. 500ml will last a long time, and unlike developers and fixers, it doesn't go off.

Kit Items

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