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Uniqball UBH35X Ball Head

Uniqball UBH35X Ball Head
  • Uniqball UBH35X Ball Head
  • Uniqball UBH35X Ball Head
  • Uniqball UBH35 Ball Head
  • Uniqball UBH35 Ball Head
  • Uniqball UBH35 Ball Head
  • Uniqball UBH35 Ball Head
  • Uniqball UBH35 Ball Head
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    The revolutionary Uniqball design incorporates two ball heads in the same unit to allow it to be used as a pan and tilt head as well as a conventional ball head. Extremely strong but lightweight, the UBH35X has an Arca-Swiss pattern quick release, and is designed for use with a camera attached to a lens up to 400/f4 size.

    More Information

    • Uniqball’s revolutionary design combines two ball heads in the same shell. The outer ball acts like a conventional ball head and also becomes the levelling base for the inner ball. So you can have the freedom of movement to follow action or get into a tight spot for a macro picture, and the next have a perfectly level base for landscape, panorama or video tracking shots.

    • The advantages of this design are many: most pictures, whether they include architecture, animals or people, need to be level, so ensuring this at the time of exposure saves time straightening and cropping in a computer; tracking horizontal fast action becomes extremely easy; and having this advantage with all the use of a conventional ball head, saves you the need to carry and swap two types of head.

    • Setting the outer ball takes just a few seconds: loosen the large lock knob and use the built-in spirit level to set it up – there’s no need to fiddle with the tripod legs. Then use the red knob under the quick release to control the inner ball. Its internal mechanism only allows panning and forward/back tilting, so it will always stay level once set up. And unlike most built-in bubble balls which are accurate to around 1°, the Uniqball one is calibrated at installation to 0.1°.

    • Although they are very strong, the Uniqball heads are not heavy. Designed for the travelling photographer using long lenses, they are manufactured from very high quality aluminium alloys – certal or perunal – used in the aerospace industry. These parts are milled to a 1/100mm tolerance resulting in a steel-like solidity with light weight, plus silky smooth movements. The heads are hand-assembled, with every part tested before being passed.

    • The Arca-Swiss compatible quick release allows fore-and-aft movement of the camera plate to facilitate balancing of the camera/lens assembly. It’s supplied with a 60mm plate: longer types are available from Uniqball, and other makers’ plates which adhere accurately to the Arca pattern (e.g. Kirk, RRS, Novoflex) can also be used.

    • Uniqballs are supplied with an adjusting allen key for the plate and clamp, a soft drawstring pouch, instruction manual and are guaranteed for one year. This can be extended to 3 years free of charge by registering with Uniqball.

    • The UBH35X head is recommended for use with pro-size DSLRs lenses weighing up to around 3kg, such as 100-400mm f5.6, 50-500mm f6.3, 300mm f4, 300mm f2.8, 400mm f5.6, 70-200mm f2.8, 120-300mm f2.8, 80-400mm f5.6, 200mm f2, 400mm f4.


    • Type:  Ball head
    • Quick release:  Yes
    • Revolving base:  Inner ball offers this feature
    • Friction control:  Yes
    • Side tilt:  90°
    • Height:  9.5cm
    • Weight:  504g
    • Max load:  15kg
    • Base connection:  3/8"
    • Base diameter:  58mm
    • Spirit level:  Yes