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  • ThinkTank Modular Component Set v2.0
  • ThinkTank Modular Component Set v2.0

Think Tank Modular Component Set v2.0

Save £40 on usual price A set of the 4 most popular Modular System pouches for use with any ThinkTank photo belt. Using a waist belt system improves mobility, leaves your arms free, spreads the load evenly, and enables you to customise your storage to suit the equipment required for the day. Includes a useful Travel Pouch to carry all the components, or to pack clothes neatly in suitcase.n.b. a belt is not included
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  • Modular Component Set comprises:
    Lens Changer 50 v2.0 For wide angle zoom with hood attached.
    LC 75 Pop Down v2.0 For telephoto with hood attached.
    Strobe Stuff For SLR flash unit with accessories.
    Speed Changer v2.0 Utility bag for cards, batteries etc.
  • What fits:
    Wide angle and standard professional zoom lenses
    70–200mm f/2.8 or Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 with the lens hood reversed or in position
    580/600EX or SB910/900 with an external battery pack and diffuser attached
    Pro camera body (lens not attached)
    Small telephoto lenses, teleconverters, RF Transceivers, or pro batteries
  • You just need to select one of the Think Tank belts to complete your outfit.