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  • PocketWizard MultiMAX II Transceiver
  • PocketWizard MultiMAX II Transceiver

PocketWizard MultiMAX II Transceiver

The MultiMax 2 is the most advanced radio triggering system available. With 32 standard channels with 4 separately controllable zones, or 20 ControlTL channels and 3 zones, it's the perfect solution when working in crowded venues or with multiple lighting rigs. It can trigger up to 16 cameras or flashguns sequentially, has a 500m range which can be extended by using several units in repeater mode, and can create multi-burst and time lapse over an infinite amount of time. For camera or flash triggering, it offers nearly unlimited opportunities.
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  • 32, 16-bit channels allow you to trigger individual or groups of lights and/or cameras simultaneously or individually. Critical to working in crowded venues or with multiple lighting set-ups. Works with ControlTL system, offering 20 channels in up to 3 groups with unlimited number of flashguns in each group.
  • Selective Quad-Triggering enables electronic flash units and/or cameras to be activated or deactivated wirelessly in 4 separately controllable zones without leaving the camera position with audible and visual confirmation.
  • Acts as a transmitter and receiver, triggering both camera and flash from up to 1600 feet (500m) away. Upon receiving a signal from a remote transmitter, the on-camera receiver instantaneously switches to transmit mode and signals the remote flash units to fire in sync with the remote camera.
  • Verifies each successful triggering and indicates misfires via audio and/or visual confirmation signals.
  • Supports rear-curtain sync, and has intervalometer, stroboscopic, sequential triggering features.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display and rubberized keypad allows quick setting adjustments and confirmation of camera and flash status. Display and buttons can be backlit with the push of a button. Locking keypad eliminates unintended setting changes. Default settings can be quickly restored.
  • Supports sustained trigger rates of up to 12fps.
  • Compatible with virtually every flash and, via optional cables, most professional cameras.
  • Can be used with all PocketWizard receivers and tranceivers.
  • Includes: stereo 3.5mm miniphone to miniphone cable; mono 3.5mm to locking PC cable; stereo 3.5mm miniphone to 6mm (1/4") adapter; lanyard