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Lastolite LS2721P Ezybox Pro Octa Large 120cm

FREE SPEEDRING WORTH £35 The Ezybox Pro Octa 120cm is a lightweight and quick to assemble octagonal softbox which can be adapted to studio flash, camera flash and the Elinchrom Quadra heads. Octa softboxes are favoured by many portrait photographers as they give attractively-shaped catchlights in eyes. To assemble, the softbox simply pops open and is tensioned using 4 support rods and the rear Ezybox Pro frame.
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    For a limited period choose either an Elinchrom or Bowens Speedring Adapter, or for on-camera flash use, a Speedlight Bracket - free of charge.
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  • Future compatible: you can buy a softbox for one type of flash knowing that it can be adapted to another with just a new low cost adapter.