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  • Visible Dust Zeeion
  • Visible Dust Zeeion

Visible Dust Zeeion

The new improved Visible Dust Zeeion blower is a non-contact solution for the effective removal of dust from a digital camera sensor. The Zeeion is made from a material which creates a static-neutralising blast of air to remove dust from a sensor surface, without it being then attracted back on to the sensor. A double one-way valve system ensures that dust cannot be sucked back into the bulb. Cleaner air is collected by having the intake valve on the back of the blower which also acts as a handy stand to keep the blower vertical. 20 micron size filters prevent tiny particles of grit being blown at the screen. The nozzle has a soft end to prevent inadvertent damage to the sensor surface. Note that colour supplied will vary.
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