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  • Visible Dust Zeeion
  • Visible Dust Zeeion

Visible Dust Zeeion

The new improved Zeeion is a non-contact solution for the effective removal of dust from a digital camera sensor, now with extra rear dust filter.
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  • Made from a material which creates a static-neutralising blast of air to remove dust from a sensor surface, without it being then attracted back on to the sensor.
  • A one-way valve system ensures that dust cannot be sucked back into the bulb. Cleaner air is collected by having the intake valve on the back of the blower.
  • 20 micron size filters prevent tiny particles of grit being blown at the screen.
  • The additional Back Filter further reduces the possibility of dust intake, and also acts as a handy vertical stand for the Zeeion.
  • Soft tube end prevents inadvertent damage to the sensor surface.
  • Colour supplied will vary.
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