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B W MRC Circular Polarising
Product code:  BWMCPOL
The B&W MRC circular polarising filter diminishes or eliminates non-metallic reflections and intensifies ...
From £66.70 More info
B W MRC XS-PRO Nano Kasemann Circ Pola
Product code:  BWXCPOL
The B&W XS-Pro HTC Kasemann MRC Nano Slimline multicoated circular polarising filter uses best quality po...
From £79.00 More info
Canon Circular Polarising CPL-B
Product code:  CACPOL
To order: 1-2 weeks High quality circular polarising filter. New 'B' type has slimline 5mm mount a...
From £102.00 More info
Hoya Circular Polarising/UV HRT
Product code:  HYCPOLH
A circular polariser filter using special glass which absorbs UV light as well and also transmits more li...
From £42.95 More info
Hoya HD Digital Circular Polarising
Product code:  HYHDCPOL
Save 15% on remaining stock The HD Digital is a top quality circular polarising filter with super ...
From £49.50 More info
Hoya Revo SMC Circular Polariser
Product code:  HYRCPOL
The Revo slimline circular polarising filter has a water, scratch and stain resistant coating. The filter...
From £48.60 More info
Hoya Slimline Circular Polariser
Product code:  HYCPOLS
A circular polarising filter in a slimline 5mm deep mount, which reduces the possibility of vignetting wi...
From £22.00 More info
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