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  • Triggersmart Kit
  • Triggersmart Kit
  • Triggersmart Kit

TriggerSmart MCT-1 Motion Photography Capture Kit

The TriggerSmart MCT-1 offers sophisticated motion capture possibilities at an affordable price point, for both digital still and motion images. The camera is activated by sensors which trigger the camera when detecting sound or light, or by interruption of an infrared beam. This can be either instantaneous or delayed, and the control unit allows precise tailoring of sensitivity, number of shots and more.

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  • Easily capture images by triggering the camera using sound, light intensity increase, movement ot by breaking an infra-red light beam.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of still or video cameras using the supplied 2.5mm jack cables (see below for list). There are inexpensive alternative connectors for other types of socket.
  • TriggerSmart Kit contains:
  • MCT-1 Controller Unit controls sensors and trigger units remotely, with a full range of adjustment of sensitivity and delay, plus single or continuous exposure over the set time spans.
  • IR Transmitter & Sound Sensor Unit creates a beam of infra-red light to be received by the other unit, or acts as receiver when triggering by sound.
  • IR/LTS Unit is the receiver for the IR beam, and also acts as the Light Intensity Sensor when using that mode.
  • 2 x 8cm mini tripods to mount transmitter and receiver units.
  • 1 x 3m cable; 1 x 5m cable
  • 2° receptor baffle.
  • Comprehensive instruction booklet.
  • Technical specifications
    Trigger time selectable 1/200 - 8 secs
    Delay time either short delay 1/100 - 1/10 sec, or long delay 1/10 - 10 secs
    IR beam range 30cm - 2m
    Flash sensor range 0 - 1500 lumens
    Sound response range 50 - 5000Hz
    Controller requires 4 x AA batteries (mains powering also possible)
  • Supplied cable is compatible with:
    Canon EOS 30/33/5060D/300/300D/DIGITAL REBEL/350D/400D/450D500D/550D 600D/700/750/800 etc.
    Contax N645
    Pentax K110D/K200D/K10D/K20D/istDS/DS2/DL/D
    Samsung GX-1S/GX-1L/GX-10/GX-20