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  • Hahnel Remote Control
  • Hahnel Remote Control
  • Hahnel Remote Control
  • Hahnel Remote Control

Hahnel Remote Control

An 80cm long wired remote shutter release for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and most DSLRs and Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji and other mirrorless system cameras. As well as removing the risk of camera shake when the camera is mounted on a tripod, it offers controllable functions of Autofocus before release, Bulb setting and continuous shooting. Also includes a 2m extension cord.
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  • Each remote is supplied with connectors for all of that make's DSLR camera models (requires camera to have a remote socket).
  • Includes 2m extension cord (total maximum length 2.8m)
  • HR280 Release for Canon
    Compatible Camera Models
    EOS 1200D/ EOS 1100D / EOS 1000D/ EOS 700D/ EOS 650D/ EOS 600D/ EOS 550D/ EOS 500D/ EOS 450D/ EOS 400D/ EOS 350D/ EOS300D/ EOS 100D/ EOS 70D/ EOS 60D/ EOS 50D/ EOS 40D/ EOS 30D/ EOS 20D/ EOS 20Ds/ EOS 10D/ EOS 7D/ EOS 6D/ EOS 5D/ EOS 5D Mark II/ EOS 5D Mark III/ EOS 1D/ EOS 1DX/ EOS 1DC/ EOS 1DS Mark II/EOS 1DS Mark III/ EOS 1DS Mark IV/ EOS-M5/ SX50HS/ G10/ G11/ G12/ G15/ G1X/ G1XMk II/ Rebel T1i/ T2i/ G5x
    K-5 II/ K-5 IIS/ K-5/ K-7/ K10/ K20/ K50/ K100/ K200/ K500
    GX10/ GX20 /P7700/ P7800/ D7100/ D7000/ D5300/ D5200/
  • HRN 280 Release for Nikon
    Compatible Camera Models
    P7700/ P7800/ D7100/ D7000/ D5300/ D5200/ D5100/ D5000/ D5500/ D5600/ D3300/ D3200/ D3100/ D610/ D600/ D700/ D800/ D800E/ D300/ D300s/ D200/ D100 (when attached to Nikon MB-D100 battery grip) / D3 /D3X/ D3S/ D4/ D4S/ D2X/ D2XS/ D2H/ D2HS/ D1 / D1X/ D1H/ D80/ D70s/ D90/ Df/ D7200 / D5 / D500
  • HRS 280 Release for Sony
    Compatible Camera Models
    A350/ A100/ A200/ A300/ A450/ A500/ A550/ A700/ A850/ A900/ A560/ A580/ A99/ A77/ A65/ A57/ A55/ A37/ A35/ A33 / HX50/50V / HX60/60V/ HX300 / HX400/400V RX100M2/M3 /A7/A7R A58K/A58Y / A3000 A6000 / NEX-3NL / 3NY / A7s Mk II / A7r Mk II / RX100 Mk IV
  • HROP 280 Release for Panasonic & Olympus
    Compatible Camera Models
    Olympus: C-5060 / C-8080/ E-1/ E-10/ E-100/ E-20/ E-3/ E-30/ E-300/ E-400 / E-410/ E-410/ E-450/ E-5/ E-510/ E-520/ E-550/ E-600/ E-620/ E-PL2/ E-PL5/ E-PM2 / E420/ OM-D E-M10/ OM-D E-M5/ Pen E-P1/ PEN E-P3/ PEN E-P5/ PEN E-PL8/ SP-510 UZ/ SP-550 UZ/ SP-560 UZ/ SP-565 UZ/ SP-570 UZ/ SP-590UZ/ XZ-1 (MID)/ XZ-2 IHS
    DMC-FZ100/ DMC-FZ150/ DMC-FZ20/ DMC-FZ30/ DMC-FZ50/ DMC-FZ60/ DMC-G1/ DMC-G10/ DMC-G2/ DMC-G3/ DMC-G5/ DMC-G80/ DMC-G85/ DMC-GF1/ DMC-GH1/ DMC-GH3/ DMC-GH4/ DMC-L1/ DMZ-FZ200/ DMC-G6/ GX7/ GX1/ GH2/ LC1/ DMC-G7/ DMC-G70/ FZ300 / FZ330
  • HRF280 Release for Fuji
    FINEPIX S1/ GFX 50S/ HS20EXR/ HS22EXR/ HS25EXR/ HS28EXR/ HS30EXR/ HS33EXR/ HS35EXR/ S100FS/ S200EXR/ S205EXR/ X-A1/ X-A2/ X-A3/ X-E1/ X-E2/ X-M1/ XQ1/ XQ2/ XS1/ X-T1/ X-T2/ X-T10/ X-T20/ X30/ X100F/ X100T/ X70/ X-PRO2
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