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CamRanger MP-360 and PT Hub Kit

The MP-360 and PT Hub is a motorised pan and tilt platform designed to be used with the CamRanger remote control unit. Ideal for wildlife photography, or where a camera is being used on a telescopic pole, or timelapse photography, the combination of the MP-360 platform and the CamRanger gives you full camera control of positioning and framing. Removes any guesswork!
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  • The MP-360 can rotate 360°, with unlimited rotation, and tilt a total of 30°, 15° up and 15° down.
  • The PT Hub receiver is powered from the CamRanger, and will also work with MP-101, Bescor or Hague powered heads.
  • MP-360 weigh 900g, takes 4 x AA batteries, or can be externally powered.
  • CamRanger package deal
    Save £20 when you buy both the CamRanger controller and the MP360/PT Hub Kit.