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  • Lastolite LR3631 TriGrip silver/white
  • Lastolite LR3631 TriGrip silver/white

Lastolite LR3631 TriGrip silver/white

The LR3631 TriGrip enables a solo photographer to position a lighting reflector comfortably, using just one hand. Or an assistant can hold two with ease! It’s double-sided, with Silver and White surfaces. The large comfortable grip allows light to be directed to all those awkward spots under the chin and eyes without the need for a stand. The long dimension is 75cm and it folds to 30cm diameter, in a zipped carrying case.
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  • White 5600K Soft clean light for general portrait use.
  • Silver 5600K Crisp clear light for optimum clarity.
  • Handle has a securing strap, which allow you to support the reflector without actually gripping the handle, reduced pressure on wrist and fingers when held for a prolonged period.
  • Easy twist-to-close action; opens by itself when removed from bag.
  • Collapses to a third of its full size.