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  • Uniqball iQuick Plate Slim black
  • Uniqball iQuick Plate Slim black

Uniqball iQuick Plate Slim black

The iQuick Plate Slim (black version) is a multifunctional camera quick release plate. It can be used as a normal Arca-profile quick release plate, or as a long lens plate. The moveable flange at the end acts as an anti-twist stop, and can be retracted if required. The end of the plate has an Arca profile, which allows the camera to be quickly re-oriented vertically when attached to a quick release. If built-in bubble levels are not required, this plate is less than half the depth of the standard plate. Otherwise the dimensions are the same.
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  • Three uses in one: standard quick release plate with anti-twist option; lens plate; and camera rotating plate.
  • Compared to typical L-plates, the iQuick will not interfere with side ports on a DSLR.
  • Compatible with all cameras, except Olympus mirrorless.
  • Retractable anti-twist end stop.
  • Also functions as a bottle opener!
  • Includes 1/4” camera fixing bolt
  • Dimensions:
    100L x 38W x 6D mm
    Weight: 40g