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  • Novoflex MiniConnect Basic Set
  • Novoflex MiniConnect Basic Set

Novoflex MiniConnect Basic Set

The MiniConnect is an instant-locking quick release using a 25mm diameter camera plate. Attachment is virtually instantaneous - insert the piece and it is secure, with only a quick pull on the side lever to lock tight. There is a secondary thumb lever on the long side to prevent accidental disengagement, and when the piece is released, the base unit stays cocked ready for re-insertion. Another attraction of the MiniConnect design is the 25mm diameter camera piece which is so small that it can remain on the camera all the time without significantly affecting handling. An MC-GURT neck strap can be attached to allow the camera to be used 'strap-free', but still carried around the neck.
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  • Base size: 80x60x18mm
    Weight: 140g
    1/4" or 3/8" base attachment