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  • Paterson Film Processing Kit
  • Paterson Film Processing Kit

Paterson Film Processing Kit

A film developing kit which includes all the equipment needed to process 1 or 2 x 35mm or 1 x 120 roll films, saving ££s over buying the separate items. It has a Paterson Universal Film Tank with 2 reels, three measuring cylinders for chemicals, a thermometer, film squeegee, film clips, and full instructions for use. Chemicals not included. PTP573
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    Or, if you're not sure what to buy, the Tetenal Film Chemistry Starter Pack TLFSTARTincludes developer, stop bath, fixer, wetting agent and full instructions - enough to process several films. *Excludes eBay
  • Kit includes
    1 x Universal Film Tank with 2 reels
    2 x 600ml graduates
    1 x 150ml graduate
    1 x Thermometer
    1 x Film Squeegee
    1 x Set of 2 film Clips 1 x Full instructions for use
  • The inclusion of two 600ml graduates allows both the developer and the fixer to be mixed prior to the development session.
  • Most developers are 'one-shot', which means you dilute around 30ml of it with 270ml water for 1 x 35mm film, use this to develop the film, and discard. The fixer solution however can be reused, and the best way to keep this fresh is to use a collapsible 'accordion' bottle. Available in 1 and 2 litre capacities.
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