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  • Hoya Revo SMC Circular Polariser
  • Hoya Revo SMC Circular Polarising
  • Hoya Revo SMC Circular Polariser

Hoya Revo SMC Circular Polariser

The Revo slimline circular polarising filter has an 18-layer coating. The filter glass is mounted in a low-profile aluminium frame which prevents vignetting occurring with wide-angle lenses. A polarizer diminishes or eliminates non-metallic reflections, intensifies colours (especially a blue sky). Loses between 1-3 stops of light depending on rotation point.
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  • Only available in the UK and Germany, Hoya Revo filters have an improved super-multi-coating (IS-HMC) which virtually eliminates surface reflections. These coatings are overlaid with a water and stain-resistant finish which is very easy to clean (see the video for a demonstration of how good this is). Coatings are furnace-bonded to ensure stability.
  • 60% light transmission.
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