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  • Kenro Bevel Edge Mount Black
  • Kenro Bevel Edge Mount Black

Kenro Bevel Edge Mount Black

Smarten up your picture presentation with these quality black card picture mounts. They give a professional look to framed photos and prints, and will fit most types of frame of the correct size.
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  • Available in 15 sizes. 'Type' refers to the number in our code.
  • External size is the overall size of the mount (i.e. internal dimensions of the frame you are fitting it to)
    Aperture size is the print size you are framing (i.e. slightly smaller than the dimensions quoted)
  • Type 01 External: 5x7" Aperture: 4x6"
  • Type 02 External: 6x8" Aperture: 4x6"
  • Type 03 External: 6x8" Aperture: 5x7"
  • Type 04 External: 8x10" Aperture: 5x7"
  • Type 05 External: 8x10" Aperture: 6x8"
  • Type 06 External: 8x12" Aperture: 5x7"
  • Type 07 External: 8x12" Aperture: 6x8"
  • Type 08 External: 10x12" Aperture: 7x10"
  • Type 09 External: 10x12" Aperture: 8x10"
  • Type 10 External: 10x12" Aperture: 6x9"
  • Type 11 External: 11x14" Aperture: 8x10"
  • Type 12 External: 11x14" Aperture: 8x12"
  • Type 13 External: 11x14" Aperture: A4
  • Type 14 External: 12x16" Aperture: 8x12"
  • Type 15 External: 16x20" Aperture: A3
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