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  • Miggo Pictar One Plus iPhone Camera Gr
  • Miggo Pictar One Plus iPhone Camera Gr
  • Miggo Pictar One Plus iPhone Camera Gr

Miggo Pictar One Plus iPhone Camera Grip

The Pictar One Plus attaches to iPhone Plus models, including iPhone 8 Plus and X - and now Android phones too - to give a secure camera-style grip and, via its user-friendly app, an unprecedented level of control over the camera phone functions to enable photo enthusiasts to improve their iPhone pictures. Five external buttons and dials replace finger swipes to give fast accurate control over such features as zooming and exposure, and the comfortable grip allows one-handed shooting, accessory attachment, and mounting on any support with a standard ¼” connection. The app is free to download, and the Pictar One comes with wrist strap, neck strap, pouch case and battery.
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  • Pictar One Plus is compatible with:
    Apple iPhone X, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6 Plus
    SamsungGalaxy 6 Plus, Edge, Active and up; Galaxy Note 7 and up
    Huawei Mate 9, Lite 9, P Plus 9 and up
    For a full list go to Free download of Android app.
  • Extra features, not available on the iPhone alone
    1. Manual focusing
    2. Manual control of ISO
    3. Manual control of shutter speed
    4. Split focus and exposure points
    5. Histogram
    6. Levels
  • Five external controls:
    1. Shutter Button - offers immediate release or a half-press lock of focus and exposure.
    2. Zoom Ring – located right under your index finger, allows accurate zooming and can be user-calibrated.
    3. Exposure Compensation Wheel – quickly adjust the exposure without recourse to complex menus.
    4. Smart Wheel – user programmable to allow control of various functions. Default setting allows you to adjust the camera’s 10 pre-set modes, such as sport, landscape, portrait etc.
    5. Selfie Button – clicking the zoom ring changes from the front to the back camera.
  • Powerful free dedicated app
    The Pictar app has an operating interface powered by sound frequencies. When an external control is activated it produces a sound frequency between 18,500 and 20,000Hz (inaudible to humans) whichis detected by the app to trigger an action. Using this method significantly reduces the power requirement of both the Pictar and the iPhone. The Pictar battery life is typically 4-6 months.
  • The Pictar housing has been carefully designed to emulate the handling of a ‘real’ camera, with an anti-slip grip which allows secure shooting horizontally or vertically, wrist strap and neck strap. It provides options to attach a light or microphone to its built-in accessory shoe or mount the Pictar/iPhone on a tripod or other support with a standard ¼” screw.
  • What’s included:
    Pictar One Plus, Wrist Strap, Neck Strap, Padded Pouch, Battery, Pictar App free download
    Weight 64g