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  • Gitzo GS3750DQD Panoramic Head
  • Gitzo GS3750DQD Panoramic Head

Gitzo GS3750DQD Panoramic Head

A magnesium ultra low profile 360° rotating panoramic base which fits Gitzo or any other tripods and heads with 3/8" connection. The sliding quick release 'D' pattern camera plate is Arca compatible.
Code: GZS3750DQD
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  • The cast magnesium plate allows rapid detachment of the camera, and also some degree of repositioning to optimise balance.
  • Extremely smooth panning action with single degree edge markings.
  • Incorporates a locking screw to attach it securely to the tripod platform.
  • Two screw adaptors are incorporated into the base to allow fitting to virtually any tripod and camera combination.
  • The graduated ring can be rotated independently to allow panning to be indexed to the desired start point. There's no need therefore to reposition the tripod.
  • Can be fitted in place of the normal platform on current series 2, 3 and 5 Gitzo tripods.
  • Weight 500g. Height 4.2cm. Max load 12kg.