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Lee 100mm ProGlass Neutral Density 0.6

Save £35 on usual price An ND6 2 stop 100x100mm glass neutral density filter for reducing light transmission without affecting colour balance. Optimised for use with digital cameras. 0.6 (2 stop), 0.9 (3 stop) values.
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  • An extremely high quality glass filter with an evaporated metal surface coating, suitable for use with digital or film cameras.
  • Some digital camera sensors have extended sensitivity in the IR wavelength area. Lee's resin ND grads do not have the same flat response in this zone as they do in the visible light area, and as a result in some lighting conditions can cause a shift in green colours. The glass ND filter has a perfectly flat response from the UV end of the spectrum right though to the infra-red, so causes no colour shifts.
  • An additional perceived benefit is that images appear slightly 'punchier'.