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  • Lee 100mm ND Resin Grad Set
  • Lee 100mm ND Resin Grad Set
  • Lee 100mm ND Resin Grad Set
  • Lee 100mm ND Resin Grad Set
  • Lee 100mm ND Resin Grad Set
  • Lee 100mm ND Resin Grad Set

Lee 100mm ND Grad Set

A set of three 150x100mm Lee neutral density graduated filters. The most popular reason for choosing to buy Lee filters! The set comprises 1, 2, and 3 stop grads, to allow balancing of a bright area of a scene against a darker one - typically sky versus foreground, but there are many other applications. Available in four graduation types. On full frame format, soft or medium graduations are more generally useful, but photographers specialising in landscapes where there is often a sharp dividing line between sky and foreground (e.g. seascapes) will usually prefer a hard graduation. For smaller sensor formats, Lee recommend using a hard grad set for most scenarios. Supplied in a 'tool-roll' style soft wrap.
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  • Which Grad?
    The Sets include 1, 2 and 3 stop density filters which are a good starting point. If you want even greater control, there are 1.5, 2.5 and 3 stops alternatives available separately. The other important factor to consider is the sensor size of your camera which changes the effect of the graduation (the focal length of the lens can do this too).
  • Soft ideal for shooting images with little or no sky - e.g. woodlands, buildings in cityscapes. Blends easily across obstructions in the image. Good for full frame, but can be too gradual for crop sensor cameras.
  • Medium is similar to the Soft but has a more rapid transition into the darker area. Good for horizons which are broken by trees or buildings as it won't show on these, but will still hold back the bright area on the horizon. Choose as the soft grad for APS-C and other crop sensor cameras.
  • Hard grads are ideal for well defined horizons with a large area of sky. The most popular starting point for full frame sensor cameras. The Hard Grad has the same effect as a Medium Grad on crop sensor cameras.
  • Very Hard has a very rapid transition from clear to ND. It's perfect for flat horizons such as seascapes , giving precise control over the sky area adjacent to the horizon. On crop sensor cameras the effect is the same as the Hard Grad.
  • Every Lee ND grad is hand dipped and individually checked before packing. This labour-intensive process ensures an unrivalled reputation for quality and neutrality.
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