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  • Lee 100mm ND Grad Hard
  • Lee 100mm ND Grad Hard
  • Lee 100mm ND Grad Hard

Lee 100mm ND Grad Hard

The Lee Neutral Density Hard Graduated filter is ideal for balancing exposure between the sky and foreground where there is an obvious horizon, which makes it perfect for seascapes. It will also give very precise control over the area of the picture to be held back in many other circumstances, which makes it the most popular type of grad. It has no effect on colour balance and is available in six different densities.
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  • Note that graduated filters behave differently on different size sensors. If you are using 100mm filters on APS-C or smaller sensors, the 100mm Hard graduation is equivalent to the 75mm Medium graduation. See the link above to the Lee website for more explanation.
  • Every Lee ND grad is hand dipped and individually checked before packing. This labour-intensive process ensures an unrivalled reputation for quality and neutrality.
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