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B+W XS-Pro Nano 810 ND3.0 (10 stops)

To order: 3-4 days The XS-Pro Nano 810 is a slimline neutral density filter which reduces light by 10 stops, to allow a slower shutter speed to be used in very bright conditions, or longer exposures to blur water, cloud or people movements for dramatic effect.
Code: BWXND810
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  • MRC Multi Resistant Nano Coating
    Each side of the filter has 7 anti-reflection coatings plus a strengthened protective Nano outer coating. The Nano coating creates a beading effect with water which has a repellent effect (also with dirt), so the filter is easier to clean and reduces fogging. MRC coating ensures maximum reflection and stray light reduction (residual reflection of just 0.5%). This ensures brilliant colours and high contrast, and the elimination of ghost images caused by back reflection from the camera sensor.
  • Precision engineered mount
    The 3mm deep brass mount is made on a CNC milling machine. The filter glass is held securely but without tension by a threaded retaining ring. There is a front thread. Black hard-chrome plating with a matt black inside surface and engraved markings ensure long service