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  • Gepe PRO 23.4x34.8 VR AN (50)
  • Gepe PRO 23.4x34.8 VR AN (50)

Gepe PRO 23.4x34.8 VR AN (50)

3/4 off: were £19.95 SMPTE standard glass professional mounts for 35mm VR registered slides. Anti-Newton glass; 2.5mm thick. Quantity 50. These are the last stocks of glass mounted Gepe slides we have
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  • The VR mount has two round locating pins to match two holes which are punched in the edge of the film. This ensures that the film can be positioned exactly within the mount and gives the user the possibility of achieving registration from unpunched slide film.
  • If you don't have a Weiss VR punch, two pins mounted in a piece of wood will enable the register holes to be created to allow the film to be mounted accurately (there are no edge guides as with the standard AN mount).
  • Gepe pro mounts have single or double edge notching to allow the operator to determine whether the slide is in portrait or landscape position.