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  • Manfrotto MMXPROA3B Prime Base Monopod
  • Manfrotto MMXPROA3B Prime Base Monopod
  • Manfrotto MMXPROA3B Prime Base Monopod
  • Manfrotto MMXPROA3B Prime Base Monopod

Manfrotto XPRO A3B Self-Standing Monopod

The MMXPROA3B is a 3-section self-standing monopod with a retractable tripod base. The legs store inside the bottom tube so the monopod can be used conventionally. Unscrewing the base allows all three legs to extend and be quickly secured by rescrewing the base. This allows the monopod to be self-supporting, which is useful either for providing extra stability or when changing lenses. The monopod has rapid-action leg locks and typical robust Manfrotto construction. The Prime designation indicates that it has a high 10kg payload so it can be used with heavy cameras a lenses with confidence. It’s fitted with the XPRO style Quick Power Locks which enable swift one-handed opening and closing of the leg sections. These are D-shaped to give extra strength and prevent rotation. Instead of the usual foam handgrip there is a rubber one, which as well as offering insulation gives an improved grip.
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  • Legs extend and retract in a single movement and do not have to be individually attached.
  • Quick Power Locks enable single-handed opening and closing of leg sections.
  • D-shaped tube sections prevent rotation and increase stability.
  • Rubber handgrip provides secure hold and insulates in cold weather.
  • Large top platform will take a substantial head; has integral 1/4” and 3/8” screw.
  • No of sections:  3
  • Maximum height:  168cm
  • Length closed:  67cm
  • Weight:  1.1kg
  • Maximum load:  10kg
  • Head connection:  Dual 1/4" and 3/8"
  • Top platform diameter:  60mm