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  • Benbo Trekker Mk3 Kit
  • Benbo Trekker Mk3 Kit
  • Benbo Trekker Mk3 Kit
  • Benbo Trekker Mk3 Kit
  • Benbo Trekker Mk3 Kit

Benbo Trekker Mk3 Tripod Kit

The Benbo Trekker Mk3 complete with Benbo Compact Ball and Socket Head and Benbo Carry Bag. The Trekker is a lighter weight version of the original Benbo 1 design, so it’s easier to carry around. Its (BEnt BOlt) curved bolt locking is adapted from a First World War gun carriage design, and allows independent movement of each leg at virtually any angle, even up against a wall or tree. Because of this, and the sealed lower leg tube which allows immersion in water, they have become a favourite of nature photographers. The swivelling centre column end gives more flexibility when working close to the ground or in confined spaces.
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  • Includes Benbo Trekker Mk3 with swivel mount, Benbo Compact Ball Head and Benbo Trekker Carrying Bag.
  • Centre column end can be swivelled 180°.
  • 2-section legs have a waterproof bottom tube and are very rigid.
  • Larger and heavier bottom tubes lower the centre of gravity to improve stability. Tube length 63.5cm (25").
  • Mk3 version has geared faces on the main joint to provide firm locking with less tightening pressure, and folds more compactly.
  • No of sections:  2
  • Maximum height:  168cm
  • Length closed:  76cm
  • Weight:  2.18kg
  • Head connection:  1/4"
  • Top platform diameter:  40mm