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  • Sekonic L-479DR-PX Meter for Phottix
  • Sekonic L-479DR-PX Meter for Phottix
  • Sekonic L-479DR-PX Meter for Phottix

Sekonic L-478DR-PX Light Meter for Phottix

The L-478DR-PX Lightmaster Pro for Phottix is both a photo and video light meter, with intuitive touch-screen control and with built-in Phottix Strato/Odin-compatible triggering. Whether you are using a DSLR, cine or video camera, meter operation can be set to give exactly the right shooting information, and the meter measures ambient continuous light as well as flash light. Using the optional 5° Viewfinder and a suitable profile target the meter can be exactly tailored to the dynamic range of the camera in use, and these profiles can be stored for furture use. Cine and video users have a vast range of shutter speeds and angles to choose from, and the studio photographer has all the convenience of remote control and triggering of any compatible Phottix flash.
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  • Dedicated to the Phottix Strato II protocol, the L-478DR-PX meter enables wireless radio triggering of the Phottix Indra360, Indra500, and Mitros+ and flashguns connected to Odin or Strato II triggers, together with the ability to configure lighting setups within four separate or combined groups.
  • Sekonic's Data Transfer Software v3.0, in conjunction with the optional extra 5° viewfinder and either the Sekonic Exposure Profile Target or the X-Rite Colour Checker allow precise tailoring of the meter's response to the dynamic range of the camera. Up to 10 profiles can be stored for instant recall.
  • For cine users, there's an infinite range of shutter angles and frame rates available. HD SLR shutter speeds can be quickly selected, and a unique filter mode allows industry standard filtration to be dialled in, or your filtration values to be entered and stored.
  • Supplied with case, strap, guide and CD-ROM.
  • Official UK-sourced product backed by a 5 year guarantee
  • Spot metering::  5° with optional viewfinder
  • EV range::  -2 to 22.9 @ ISO100
  • Shutter speeds - ambient::  30 mins - 1/64000th sec in 1, 1/2 and 1/3 steps)
  • Shutter speeds - flash::  30 mins - 1/1000th sec
  • Aperture range - ambient::  f0.5 - f161 in 1, 1/2 and 1/3 steps
  • Aperture range - flash::  f0.5 - f161 in 1, 1/2 and 1/3 steps
  • ISO range::  3 - 409,600 in 1/3 steps
  • Cine speeds::  1 sec - 1/1000th; 20 types. 1-358° shutter angles
  • Memory::  9 ambient and infintite number of flash
  • Averaging::  9 ambient and infintite number of flash
  • Contrast measurement::  Yes, plus custom functions
  • Power source::  2 x AAA (not supplied)
  • Dimensions::  57W x 140H x 26D mm
  • Weight::  140g
  • Strap::  Yes
  • Case::  Yes