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  • Sekonic L-308S Flashmate Meter
  • Sekonic L-308S Meter

Sekonic L-308S Light Meter

The L-308S Flashmate is a versatile and popular photographic light meter with a large and clear LCD display. It can measure both continuous (ambient) light and flash light, with a 40° angle of acceptance, and is a popular choice for student and amateur photographers. Set the aperture you are using, and the required shutter speed will be displayed on the large and clear LCD panel. Accurate to 1/10th stop, you can set meter measurement increments in either 1/4 or 1/3 stop steps to match your camera. The last reading is retained in memory, and ISO and battery status display continuously for convenience. Powered by 1 x AA battery. Includes pouch case and strap.
Official UK-imported product with a 5 year warranty.
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  • This is a meter for continuous ambient light (either daylight or artificial light sources), and flash light. So it's good for tungsten, fluorescent or LED lights as well as studio flash, and can be used out of doors as well as a check against your camera meter reading.
  • Like your camera, it measures reflected light (where you point the meter at the subject), but will also measure incident light (where the meter, with its built-in diffuser in place, is pointed at the light source). This is of great benefit with a high contrast subject/background relationship where incident metering is more accurate than reflected.
  • Official UK-sourced product backed by a 5 year guarantee
  • Spot metering::  N/A
  • EV range::  0-19.9 @100ISO
  • Shutter speeds - ambient::  60secs - 1/8000th
  • Shutter speeds - flash::  1 sec - 1/500th
  • Aperture range - ambient::  f0.5 - f90
  • Aperture range - flash::  f1.4 - f90
  • ISO range::  3 - 8000
  • Cine speeds::  8 - 128fps
  • Memory::  Last setting retained in memory
  • Averaging::  N/A
  • Contrast measurement::  N/A
  • Power source::  1 x AA (not supplied)
  • Dimensions::  63W x 110H x 22D mm
  • Weight::  95g
  • Strap::  Yes
  • Case::  Yes
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