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Sekonic L-208 Light Meter

The L-208 Twinmate is a compact ambient photographic light meter which will measure either reflected or incident light. The reading is shown by a matching needles and referencing a rotating dial which displays the available shutter speed and apertures. The hatched section under the needle indicates the 33° reading angle of the meter. It includes a shoe mounting plate to allow it to be mounted horizontally on the top of a camera flash shoe. Powered by 1 x CR2032 battery; includes case.
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  • This is a meter for continuous ambient light (either daylight or artificial), which does not measure flash light. So it's good for tungsten, fluorescent or LED light sources.
  • It measures reflected light (where you point the meter at the subject), or incident light (where the meter, with its built-in diffuser in place, is pointed at the light source). Incident metering is most accurate with a high contrast subject/background relationship - like a bride's dress in a dark church doorway.
  • After pressing the side button to take a reading, the red needle stays in place for 15 seconds to allow the dial to be rotated to position the green needle over the top. The shutter speed/aperture options can then be read off the scale.
  • Official UK-sourced product backed by a 5 year guarantee
  • Spot metering::  N/A
  • EV range::  3-17 @100ISO
  • Shutter speeds - ambient::  30 secs - 1/8000th
  • Shutter speeds - flash::  N/A
  • Aperture range - ambient::  f1.4 - f32 (in 1/2 stops)
  • Aperture range - flash::  N/A
  • ISO range::  12 - 12500
  • Cine speeds::  N/A
  • Memory::  N/A
  • Averaging::  N/A
  • Contrast measurement::  N/A
  • Power source::  1 x CR2032 (not supplied)
  • Dimensions::  45W x 65H x 24D mm
  • Weight::  45g
  • Strap::  Yes
  • Case::  Yes
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