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Gossen Starlite 2 Meter

The Starlite 2 is a complete professional ambient and flash light meter with comprehensive cine, zone system and photometric metering options. It has 1° or 5° spot meterin built-in as well as standard incident/reflective metering. The spot metering facility enables easy assessment of the dynamic range of the picture, and the meter readout has automatically activated illumination when light levels drop. A splash-proof housing with rubberised edges to facilitate a secure grip completes a very comprehensive specification. Supplied with case, strap and 1 x AA battery.

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  • Display can be set to bias for shutter speed (measured aperture is displayed), aperture (measured shutter speed is displayed) or light value (EV displayed).
  • The spot metering facility enables easy assessment of the dynamic range of the picture, for example:
    - contrast measurement from lightest to darkest tones
    - mean value generation from user selected areas
    - zone system brightness value display
  • The Zone System, devised by Ansel Adams, uses an 11-stage range of tonal values from pure white to black, with mean grey (18% reflectance) in the middle, to allow the photographer to pre-visualise and bias the exposure of the photograph to retain desired detail in highlights or shadow areas.
  • Two stored ISO values can be switched between by means of the two buttons on the front.
  • Spot metering::  1° and 5°
  • EV range::  -2.5 - 18 @100ISO
  • Shutter speeds - ambient::  60mins - 1/8000th
  • Shutter speeds - flash::  1 sec - 1/1000th
  • Aperture range - ambient::  f0.5 - f128 full or 1/2 stops
  • Aperture range - flash::  f1 - f128
  • ISO range::  3 - 8000 in 1/3 stops
  • Cine speeds::  2 - 360fps
  • Memory::  9 memories for ambient or flash
  • Averaging::  Ambient/flash ratio readout
  • Contrast measurement::  Zone System values 0-X can be displayed
  • Power source::  1 x AA (supplied)
  • Dimensions::  66W x 164H x 26D mm
  • Weight::  195g
  • Strap::  Yes
  • Case::  Yes
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