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Gossen Digisix 2 Meter

The Digisix 2 is a pocket-sized light meter displaying a traditional EV number which is read off against a rotary scale showing aperture and shutter speed combinations. It also includes some handy extra features, like a Clock with alarm and countdown timer, and a Thermometer with a range of -15 to +70°C.

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  • A digital exposure meter with analogue controls for ambient light in a really small size.
  • Incident and reflected light measuring modes.
  • Microprocessor controlled operation.
  • 1/3 stop increments digital display.
  • "Range over" or "Range Under" signal.
  • Timer function: 0 to 30 mins.
  • Watch function: 24 hr clock
  • Thermometer function: -15°C to 70°C or 5°F to 160°F
  • Battery level display.
  • Spot metering::  25° measuring angle
  • EV range::  0 to 18
  • Shutter speeds - ambient::  1/2000th to 4 mins
  • Aperture range - ambient::  f1 to f32
  • ISO range::  1 to 100,000
  • Power source::  9V included
  • Dimensions::  75 x 50 x 23mm
  • Weight::  40g inc battery
  • Strap::  Yes
  • Case::  Yes
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