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Kenko Pro-300 Teleconverter DGX 1.4x Nikon

The Kenko Pro-300 DG 1.4x for Nikon is a high grade multicoated converter designed for use with lenses of 100mm or longer (on 35mm full frame format). It will autofocus with lenses of f5.6 or faster. The 5-element multicoated design uses low dispersion Hoya glass, and retains excellent sharpness even at full aperture. High quality construction, with metal body and chromed mounts.

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  • Please note: teleconverters will cause some lenses to stop autofocusing. This is because they lose light – 1 stop for a 1.4x, and 2 stops for a 2x. Camera manufacturers design their autofocus sensors to work with lenses of f8 or faster, and so when a 2x converter is attached to a 70-300mm zoom with an aperture range of f4-5.6, this becomes an f8-11, and at the 300mm end, autofocusing stops. It’s only really a problem if you intend photographing moving subjects.