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  • Intefit Honey Badger Single 320W Head
  • Intefit Honey Badger Single 320W Head
  • Intefit Honey Badger Single 320W Head
  • Intefit Honey Badger Single 320W Head

Interfit Honey Badger Single 320W Head and Softbox

The Honey Badger Single Head includes a pop-up 60cm square softbox which attaches quickly to the head's softbox ring. Although small, the head packs a hefty 320 watt/secs output, and power can be controlled in 1/10th stops steps over an impressive 7-stop range - down to as little a 5Ws. The 60W modelling light is powerful enough to use for continuous subject illumination and the built-in radio receiver is compatible with Interfit S-type wireless remote controls. With a bayonet mount which accepts most types of S-type head accessories, the Honey Badger is a versatile, robust and portable solution for the travelling photographer.
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  • 7-stop power range, two more stops than many other studio flash heads. Power can be adjusted from 320Ws down to 5Ws in 1/10th of a stop increments for precise exposure.
  • Recycles in just 1 second from full power. Recycle times get shorter and shorter as you decrease flash power.
  • Action-stopping 1/900th sec flash duration at full power, which gets shorter as power is reduced.
  • 60W LED flicker-free modelling lamp has the equivalent light output of a 300W tungsten lamp and can be used as a continuous light source for both photo and video. Can be set to adjust proportionately to the flash power, or to full power.
  • Built-in radio receiver is compatible with all S1 TTL Remotes, and the S1 Manual remote. This allows full control over power range, modelling lamp and beep function. When using the S1 Manual remote, the Honey Badger can be adjusted individually via 8 different control groups (A-H), across 15 different channels (1-15).
  • Dual modifier mount. As well as the popular Bowens S-Type bayonet, used by other Interfit heads, the Honey Badger features a built-ring for use with pop-up style softboxes, popular with speedlight photographers. The included 60cm square softbox attaches quickly to this ring.
  • Frosted glass dome diffuser protects the flash tube and helps to spread light evenly throughout the modifier.
  • Supplied with 60cm softbox, power lead, sync lead.
  • Flash energy::  320Ws
  • Flash adjustment::  7 stops (320-7Ws) in 1/10th stop increments
  • Recycle time::  1 sec at full power
  • Modelling lamp::  60W LED 5600K
  • Fan cooling::  Yes
  • Auto power dumping::  Yes
  • Charge ready beep::  Yes
  • Dimensions::  12.7 x 12.7 x 15.2cm
  • Weight::  1.4kg