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  • Lee SW150 ND Grad Set
  • Lee SW150 ND Grad Set
  • Lee SW150 ND Grad Set
  • Lee SW150 ND Grad Set
  • Lee SW150 ND Grad Set
  • Lee SW150 ND Grad Set

Lee SW150 ND Grad Set

Sets of three 150x170mm resin neutral density graduated filters for use with the Lee SW150 Filter Holder. 0.3 (1 stop), 0.6 (2 stop), 0.9 (3 stop). Available in four different graduation types.
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  • The Grad Sets are supplied in padded 3-slot pouch. Each filter is also protected by a microfibre Filter Wrap.
  • Soft graduated filter balances exposure between different parts of the image where there is no definite line of transition or obvious skyline, for example woods, open ground, water or mist, and will not cause an obvious line when balancing exposure across buildings in a cityscape.
  • Medium is similar to the Soft Grad, but with a more defined transition. It's soft enough to use over many smaller obstacles in the horizon area but gives the chosen density in the area you need it which is often close to the horizon.
  • Hard is ideal for balancing exposure between the sky and foreground where there is an obvious horizon. It will also give very precise control over the area of the picture to be held back in many other circumstances, which makes it the most popular type of grad.
  • Very Hard is for use where there is a very definite line of transition, for example, a seascape with an unbroken horizon. Its effect is also equivalent to the Hard Grad on APS-C and other crop sensor cameras.
  • For more information about Lee Neutral Density Graduated filters, follow the link above to the Lee website.
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