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  • Lee SW150 Big Stopper 10 Stop Glass
  • Lee SW150 Big Stopper
  • Lee SW150 Big Stopper

Lee SW150 Big Stopper 10 Stop Glass ND

The SW150 Big Stopper is a 150x150mm square glass neutral density filter which reduces light transmission by 10 stops. This enables long exposure times to be used in daylight so that anything which is moving in your image becomes blurred or ghost-like. Subjects such as clouds, waterfalls, rivers and the sea work particularly well. Traffic and people in cityscapes will disappear from the image. Supplied with foam lined protective tin.
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  • A reference card is supplied with the filter to help calculate exposure times. Take a meter reading without the filter, and then add 10 stops of exposure, so for example a metered exposure of a 30th of a second at f11 would need to be increased by 10 stops making a new exposure time of 32 seconds.