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Agfa APX100 135-36 Professional
Product code:  AGAPX10036
APX100 is a professional 35mm 36-exposure fine grain black and white film with wide latitude and excellen...
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Fuji Neopan Acros 100
Product code:  FJN1
Acros 100 is an ultra-high image quality ISO100 fine grain black and white film, available in 35mm 36-sho...
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Ilford Delta 100
Product code:  ILD100
Delta 100 is a professional medium speed ISO100, fine grain black and white film, with exceptional sharpn...
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Ilford Delta 3200
Product code:  ILD3200
Delta 3200 is a professional ISO3200 high speed film for producing excellent quality black and white phot...
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Ilford Delta 400
Product code:  ILD400
Delta 400 is a professional fast, ISO400, black and white film which has the tonal rendering, fine grain ...
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Ilford FP4 Plus
Product code:  ILFP4
FP4+ is an exceptionally fine grain, medium speed ISO125 black and white film which is justly the benchma...
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Ilford HP5 Plus
Product code:  ILHP5
HP5+ is a fast ISO400 black and white film ideal for action, available light and general purpose photogra...
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Ilford Pan F Plus
Product code:  ILPANF
Pan F+ is an extremely fine grain ISO 50 black and white film. It has outstanding resolution, sharpness a...
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Ilford XP2 Super
Product code:  ILXP2
XP2 Super is a sharp, fast, fine grain film, with a nominal ISO of 400, for processing in C41 colour nega...
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Kentmere 400
Product code:  HRK4
A good quality general-purpose 35mm film from the makers of Ilford film, ideal for students or any photog...
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Kodak T-Max 400
Product code:  KKTMY
T-Max 400 is a high speed black and white ISO400 negative film useful for photographing dimly lit subject...
From £4.79 More info
Kodak Tri-X
Product code:  KKTX
High quality professional ISO400 black and white negative film. Available in 35mm 36-shot and 120 5-pack....
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