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Paterson Universal Enlarger

Due November 2017 A budget-priced darkroom enlarger for 35mm and 6x6 formats designed to meet the needs of schools, colleges and home enthusiasts. Ruggedly constructed, mainly from metal components, it has a geared 75cm long angled column, which can be reversed to allow floor projection. The head can be rotated through 90° for wall projection. Includes a filter drawer and a red swing filter. Available with or without lens.
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  • Supplied with 35mm and 6x6 glassless negative masks
  • Built-in filter drawer takes standard 3" variable contrast filters
  • Red swing filter
  • Supplied with 75w quartz tungsten enlarger lamp
  • Choose the 50mm lens for 35mm enlarging, or 75mm for 6x6 negatives.
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