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Rosco Strobist Filter Gel Set

A collection of 20 different types of gels for on-camera flash, with multiples of some types, making a total of 55, from a leading US filter manufacturer.
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  • Rosco has been making filters for cinematography since 1910, and has collaborated with David Hobby, of fame, to produce an inexpensive selection of filters suitable for flashguns.
  • Each filter measures 1.5x3.25" (3.8x8.25cm).
  • Mix them to produce virtually unlimited colour effects.
  • Kit contents

    5 each of Cinegel:
    #3202 Full CTB - Cooling Filter
    #3204 1/2 CTB - Cooling Filter
    #3208 1/4 CTB - Cooling Filter
    #3401 Sun 85 CTO - Warming Filter
    (converts 5500° Flash to 3200° Tungsten)
    #3408 Sun 1/2 CTO - Warming Filter
    #3409 Sun 1/4 CTO - Warming Filter
    #08 Pale Gold - Warming Filter (with a small amount of pink for skin tones)
    #3304 Tough Plusgreen - Adds green to flash to match cool white fluorescent bulbs

    2 each of Cinegel:
    #3415 N.15 Neutral Density
    #3403 N.6 Neutral Density
    #3404 N.9 Neutral Density

    1 each of Roscolux:
    #12 Straw (Yellow)
    #23 Orange
    #26 Light Red
    #33 No Color Pink
    #39 Skelton Exotic Sangria (Magenta)
    #358 Rose Indigo (Purple)
    #80 Primary Blue
    #375 Cerulean Blue (Cyan)
    #90 Dark Yellow Green

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